There’s no I in team

At some point in your career you are likely to have to deliver a presentation as part of a team. Whilst to some this may sound more appealing than presenting by yourself and being the sole focus of everyone’s attention, it can also have many disadvantages such as conflict of interests or inconsistencies in the design.

Here are some tips on how to create an effective group presentation:

1. Give everyone a job to do. Decide early on which team members will be responsible for which parts of the presentation to save duplication or rework, and to make sure each person pulls their weight.

2. Choose a leader. We’ve all seen Sir Alan Sugar asking teams to pick a Project Manager on The Apprentice, and it’s a good idea to name someone in your team as the project owner. This person can be responsible for checking that the others are on track, ensure everyone understands what they are supposed to be doing and knows who to speak to if they have any queries

3. Create a template. Before you get started, the team should decide on the layout, colours and fonts for the slide set and one member of the group should have the job of creating a template. This will ensure that there is consistency in everyone’s slides and you won’t need to waste time reformatting at the end.

4. Meet regularly. Whilst you don’t want to waste valuable time by having meetings for meetings sake, you do need to get together with your team mates regularly to double check that everyone is on the right lines and on track to meet your deadline.

5. Allocate sufficient time for compiling the slides. If each team member is working on their own part of the presentation you are bound to encounter a few issues when you bring all of the slides together into your final presentation, so make sure you leave enough time at the end for this. It will work best if one person is assigned the job of collating and compiling all of the slides.

6. Rehearse rehearse rehearse! When working in a group you are bound to need a few run throughs to work out timings, transitions and script. It may be a good idea to film yourselves so that you can watch back together to see where adjustments need to be made.

We hope these tips relieve some of the stress that naturally comes with working in a team. Good luck for your next group presentation!

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