Who uses presentation design agencies?

Presentation design agencies didn’t exist a couple of decades ago. And when we started Presented, back in 2009, there were very few other companies offering PowerPoint design services. Although the number of presentation design companies out there has increased considerably since then, we’re not alarmed by the competition. In fact, it’s all rather good news.

It shows that more people and businesses are actively looking to outsource to a presentation design agency.

In those early years it was a challenge to describe what I did for a living. People often ask out of politeness and expect a one word answer, not something along the lines of “we improve PowerPoint presentations through a mix of communication science and good design”. The reaction I generally received was one of confusion. “You can make a living out of that?” someone once asked me. They simply didn’t believe that there would be any demand for a presentation design service. Surely everyone is capable of using PowerPoint by themselves?

Indeed, so capable that it’s lead to the well known disparagement of “Death by PowerPoint”. And rightly so. Brain science is widely ignored, we both overwhelm and bore our audiences. Resonance and engagement are end-of-the-rainbow type concepts that have hardly been associated with your typical presentation.

Which brings me back to the competition: one of the reasons we’re not alarmed is because so many of these new presentation design agencies simply aren’t very good. They are capable of applying a new design, but not at transforming content by making it engaging or simple to understand. And sadly most graphic design companies who offer PowerPoint templates rarely build them correctly. Indeed, a good portion of our clients are graphic design houses and PR companies – see the purple section in the pie chart.

Design and PR companies use presentation design agencies
pie - presentation design

Graphic designers outsource to us for their PowerPoint needs because it saves them time, we have the right software and expertise that their end-clients expert. We work as a white label service as well as being up front as a presentation partner. We troubleshoot problems, fix issues and offer bespoke training.

The pie covers the last financial year and also shows that 17% of our income is from clients who use us just one time only (so far). We have an 83% rate of return from clients however – so they know we’re useful!

It really is great news that people are looking for presentation design agencies – just as well!

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