Find advanced PowerPoint designers at Presented!

How do you find advanced PowerPoint designers?

The PowerPoint designers at Presented see a lot of presentations. A lot of really bad presentations, but this isn’t your fault as such. PowerPoint as a design tool is not as limited as it might first appear, but to become an expert PowerPoint designer you need time, a good design eye, a lot of PowerPoint skills.

If a non-designer opened up the lovely InDesign or Illustrator software do you think they would produce anything worthy? Well probably not. And so it is that millions of office workers and execs have PowerPoint installed and are expected to produce something good looking with it. Sure, a good company template will help to an extent, but you aren’t going to get stunning slides without some design ability. Sorry plebs, that’s just how it is.

The presentation team at Presented offers a ‘PowerPoint Essentials’ training course where we teach you how to master Slide Masters, how to lay out good layouts, and why you need to place placeholders with some thought. We also teach you about palettes, theme fonts and default style settings. And along with further tips and tricks all these things will turn you into a fast PowerPoint formatter. But it won’t make you into a great PowerPoint designer.

The talented and trained designers out there in the world generally can’t help with PowerPoint either. These clever people work with Macs, Adobe Creative Suite, and either look down on PowerPoint or simply don’t know where to start when it comes to masters, layouts or animation (and PCs). We’re not trying to bad mouth designers here: we work with plenty of design agencies as their go-to PPT people. We recreate their amazing designs for them in PPT. They turn to us for the PowerPoint expertise that we offer. It just makes sense to outsource. We have the speed and experience that they need to produce top quality presentations that look good and are easy to edit.

So how do you find advanced PowerPoint designers? You contact Presentation designers at Presented.

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