How best to use tablets or iPads for presentations

Sometimes you can’t (or don’t want to) carry your laptop around with you. Although it’s not particularly easy to create presentations using your tablet, using them to present your deck is simple! With a few tips, you can ditch your laptop and focus on using tablet presentations instead.

Tablet presentation

Our preferred software for tablet presentations is Microsoft PowerPoint for iPad and PowerPoint for Android apps: these allow pretty much the same playback capabilities of the full computer version of the software, including most animations and interactivity (currently the “hover over” animation isn’t supported). Plus, most people are already familiar with PowerPoint.

So, simply create your presentation in your usual way, specifying the right dimension to fit your tablet screen. Then to get the best out of your tablet’s touch-screen capabilities, try to use interactivity (hyperlinks) to create a great user/audience experience. Once done, upload to your tablet and start sharing your presentation with ease.

Tips for tablet presentations:

1. Disable notifications: you don’t want that confidential or personal email to pop up halfway through your pitch!

2. Beam your presentation wirelessly to a big display or projector using Apple’s AirPlay technology.

3. Learn a few gesture controls to get the most out of PowerPoint for iPad. For example, in full-screen slideshow view can use a closed pinch gesture to return to the editing view.

4. PowerPoint for iPad enables you to edit any .pptx files. If your file is an older format (.ppt), you have the option to convert it to a .pptx file.

Don’t forget, whilst your tablet is a great tool for delivering presentations, it won’t guarantee a good presentation. The most important factor is the presentation itself, and ensuring that you get your messages across. So…

…make this year YOUR year!

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Our main focus is communication. Tons of research exists on how people best take information in, and we use those insights to help you get your message across. A good presentation will help you to achieve your goals.

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