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Presented offer presentation design services: our talented PowerPoint specialists know more than just incredible design – they also their knowledge about scientific communication to your slides. Additionally, their skills in animation will make you wonder about whether we’ve actually used PowerPoint (we have) as dynamic animation brings your slides to life.

Before our presentation designers start on your PowerPoint design they map out ideas. We make sure every visual we create fits the overall story and aids your message. Science has proven that using the right visuals is vital: visuals help your audience to understand and to remember your message. It’s not just a case of using decorative photos – these can often do more harm than good!

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You really must connect with your audience! We’re a leading presentation design agency, and we can help you do just that. We add presentation science to our slides to create presentations that stick. Each project is bespoke to you and your audience, and this will help you stand out.

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The tragedy of presentations is that most of them don’t communicate a clear message. This is because “presentation science” is ignored. So don’t let yourself down by presenting slides that make it almost impossible for your audience to remember your message.

We are geeks when it comes to PowerPoint and the science of learning. We merge scientific insight and decades of experience to all the essential presentation design ingredients.

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We have a superb track record of returning clients. We have helped them to win pitches, secure funding, increase sign ups and sales, and to improve retention of information by their audiences. We are proud to give you presentations that will be remembered for a long time. Read more about our approach here.

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