Amazing PowerPoint presentations

PowerPoint is amazing. No really, it is!

PowerPoint is such an amazing tool, and there’s so much it can do – with the added advantage that just about anyone can edit it.

Here’s just a few things we can do for you in PowerPoint:

Interactive slides: Use triggers and hyperlinks to have a navigation-led deck. Ideal for engaging your small audience and letting the meeting control the flow of the story. Great for tablets and laptops.

Explainer videos: People are more likely to buy from you if they’ve seen a video. We can give you your very own dynamic, editable web video. See PPT created videos on Presented’s Vimeo page.

Live presenting: Nothing beats the face to face engagement of presenting live in front of an audience. But is your message being remembered? Are your slides visual enough to support learning or increase engagement? Are your visuals the right ones or are they doing more harm than good? Are you using communication science to improve the way you present your slides?

Data visualisation: we help you to communicate your data in a visually appealing and easy to understand way. Think infographics, dashboards, bespoke charts and diagrams.

Templates: a well-created, user-friendly template will look good, encourage company-wide consistency, and can save you hours every week.

Printed material: if you create your printed material in PowerPoint or Word, everyone can edit it, year after year! Annual reports, quarterly reports, brochures, posters, postcards, flyers: everything can be laid out and printed to a high level from PowerPoint.

Not sure what would be useful or why? Want a demo of any of the above? Call us now and we can chat through.

Amazing PowerPoint!

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